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Whiteready is a company active in Internet Services Security since1998. Their goal is to foster clients' development through stable and secure web business solutions. Clients range from corporate to banks, to Public Administration. The high quality of the services constitutes a key element in the company's branding with professional users of the internet. In the last 13 years Whiteready has contributed in spreading the culture of technological innovation, security of communication and the evolution of operating environments.


Eurosain is a division of Riskope dedicated to road Safety. The Institute main objectives are to foster and enhance road safety leading to reducing the occurrence of road accidents and mitigate their consequences.


Melbourne based financial risk analytics company with international resources offering training, consulting and software, covering credit risk, market risk, operational risk and numerous other offerings.


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AEM (Torino), Antamina, Balangero, Chuquicamata, Homestake, PlacerDome, Santa Caterina, Teckcominco (Australia, Alaska, Canada, Italy, US, Peru, Chile, Brazil), Cambodia, Lao PDR, Sudan, Cartier (Switzerland, Japan), Camille Bloch, Chardonne (Switzerland), Civil Protection in Vercelli (Italy) and Algeria (Algers), Ferrero (Italy), Framatome (Paris, France), Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD), Holcim, Leclanché (Switzerland), Mitsubishi (Japan), PDO (Oman), RSA Balangero (Italy), Sitaf (Fréjus tunnel), Torino, Vercelli, Torino 2006 (Italy), UNDP (Lao), Valle d’Aosta, Mountaineering Guides Association Aosta (Italy), West Vancouver, BC Gas, CN, CP, Vancouver, Point Roberts (Canada), Port of Oakland (California).
Client's domains: Asbestos, Automotive, Cars, Chemical, Chlorine, Dams, Eco-compatible, Electric Energy, Energy, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Food, Harbors, Heavy Metals, Highways, Humanitarian Demining, Humanitarian Projects, Information Warfare, Luxury, Military, Networks, Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Railroads, Sulphuric Acid, Sustainable, Turbines, Unexploded Ordance (UXO), Water.
Client's products: Anti-Terrorism, Chocolate, Coal, Copper, Concentrates, Counter-Terrorism, Disaster Mitigation, Resumption and Prevention, Electricity, Power, Preparedness, Gold, Jewelry, Lead, Hafnium, Information, Rescue, Resumption, Silver, Survival, Transportation, Watches, Zinc, Zirconium.